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'Fluxo' Book

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I`ve been thinking all day about the moon..." 

This book is the result of an visual research about time, cycles and flux. It's an autoral book that happened in a changing time which I had to discover and significate a new body. Since I moved from my born city (dry and far from the sea) to a liquid city, surrounded of river and sea, was when I started an exercise of self-perception. Also symbolizes a body that now learn to work from it's own power, with it's own natural cycle, without sintetic hormons. This body surprised myself when, alone, gave me the first three fluxes at the fullmoon. I took photos from sea each time my fluxes was coming as I kept alerted about the moon and tides. Find the nature at my own body was grateful and this book simbolizes an year of changes and a will to keep a consciousness that go beyond. Furthermore, if we are 70% of water and if the moon influences the tide, it`s impossible to not to think that are a relation between all these.


The image's and collage treatment was created from manipulation of photos and cientific illustrations in a photocopy machine. 
The texts in this book are, respectively, fragments of the lyrics 'Future Feminism' by Antony And The Johnsons (Anohni) and a part of the book “Os sonhos de Einstein” de Allan Lightman.


Handmade book.
Printed on Munken Print White 115g paper.